About film

  • Only original Nazi music is used in the film, with all CDs purchased at the 'Gorbushka', an existing market in Moscow;
  • The main part of the Nazi gear was obtained from a Russian Internet shop;
  • All the clothes of the characters in the film come from a real shop in Moscow, including t-shirts with slogans such as 'I am Russian' and the quote '14 words' from the Nazi ideologist David Lane;
  • The bureaucrat who is played by Andrey Merzlikin speaks using phrases taken from the correspondence of the two Nazi-leaders whose electronic post was broken by a team of anti-fascist hackers;
  • The main character Blade, wearing a balaclava mask, reads out to the camera word for word one of the texts which is taken from ultra-right forums and sites in the Internet zone «.ru», that periodically place instructions on street-fighting;
  • On the site youtube.com it is possible to download clips of Nazis that are both documentary in nature and also staged. There is a very wide assortment of Nazi video material: documentary and staged clips of fights and murders, comic scenes in costume, propaganda messages, celebrations, ceremonial initiations, outings, training in shooting and hand-to-hand combat. Some of the shots from our film are directly taken from the of Russian skinheads' «creative work»;
  • Murder, pogroms, terror acts, which are stated in police reports form Vladivostok to Kondopoga and from Saint Petersburg to Verkhnaya Pyshma are not fantasies of the script writer;
  • And commonplace xenophobia is also a reality, a large part of our society is racist. Interviews on the Pushkin Square in Moscow and in a Moscow Region suburban train are true and authentic documentary evidence.


World premiere of the film “Russia 88”
Berlinale 2009
Section Panorama
February 6

Special jury prize and the Prize of critics at the festival “Spirit of Fire”
February 25

Русская версия

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